The Game

Grobo is a 2D puzzle game where you manipulate gravity to overcome hazards and obstacles while exploring the world of Megatropolis. Launching later this Fall for iOS and Android!

A story of mystery, loneliness, hope, and redemption, help g.R0b0 (a.k.a. Grobo) venture through the neglected yet colorful world of the future.

Meet g.R0b0

The curious little robot that can manipulate the gravity around it. g.R0b0 awakens unexpectedly inside of the Megatropolis Museum, beckoned by a mysterious voice in its head to travel to the outermost layer of the world. In the rusted, rundown residential district of Old Town no sign of life--real or artificial--remains. All that is left are the haphazardly laid out obstacles and dangers amongst the vacant, labyrinthian mega-city. g.R0b0 now journeys to uncover the mysteries of who this voice belongs to, what happened to Megatropolis, the people, the other robots and above all, to find a friend.

Welcome to Megatropolis.

Explore the curiously trap-ridden, post-apocalyptic world of Megatropolis: Visit the mysterious Megatropolis Museum, which details the rich history behind the abandoned world of tomorrow, Take in the sights as you trek through the grand, industrial metropolitan area known as Old Town, Peer into the eerily haunting landscape that is the Storage yard and try not to get lost in the dark and foreboding depths of the Factory.

Available now on iOS & Android!

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Gravity Empowered
On the Move
Ready to take on this challenge!
The storage yard
The path to victory!
The high ground

The team behind Grobo


Vidal Karan

Art & Production

Steven Shing

Development & Design

Naomi Shwom

Character Animation

Marcus Williams

Art & UX Design

Arman Bhuiyan

Finance & Strategy

Saad Khan

Network & Support
Based out of New York City, PHÖZ is an audio team consisting of Alba S. Torremocha(left) and Noah Kellman(right). Specializing in the creation of immersive audio soundscapes — including both music and sound design— the duo created the audio for the award-winning mobile puzzle game Where Shadows Slumber  as well as To Be With Hamlet, a live Shakespearian experience that takes place in virtual reality.


Music & Sound Design

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Join our mailing list to receive updates about Grobo and our latest blog posts.